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How Encryption Helps in GDPR Compliance

Part 1 – A deep dive guide to encryption for GDPR compliance Encryption could be the silver bullet to reduce security risks, but how do you go about assessing its potential for your organisation, this 3-part guide, should help. Early GDPR recommendations “Encryption is explicitly named as one of the appropriate technical and organisational measures that businesses can implement to ensure a level of security adequate to the risk (via a breach).” The ICO recently

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A Practical Guide to Completing a GDPR Encryption Gap Analysis

Part 2-Encryption for GDPR completing a Gap Analysis. Introduction This is a companion to the iComply365 Guide to Encryption for GDPR Compliance. It designed to assure appropriateness and coverage, that is, to make certain that appropriate, state-of-the-art, encryption-enabled security functions have been applied to all instances of a given set of data. The questions are applied per application because applications, based on input from humans and/or other applications, are the mechanisms that actually create, alter,

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GDPR Encryption Deep-dive Presentation

Part 3-Encryption for GDPR Compliance A deep dive into GDPR Encryption for everyone. Introduction This presentation is intended to compliment Parts 1 and 2 to cement your understanding about how encryption can aide your  GDPR Compliance program.  Implemented correctly encryption can be the building block of a privacy by design approach or a security get out of jail card. Who is this guide for? Controllers and /or processors who have assessed the risk posed to

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