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Unique GDPR solutions for compliance Practitioners

Help your clients solve an important problem and extend your business

Technology enablers for your projects

iComply365 is focused on using technology to enable the robust and efficient implementation of compliant IT business platforms and business solutions.  

For any complex compliance implementation project to be a success, it must be scoped, funded, resourced and managed by people who know what they are doing. As part of this project team, compliance practitioners (internal or external SME’s) like you are central to the success of many projects.    

Other items on this site demonstrate the hidden opportunities and threats involved in GDPR compliance. In big organisations, whole departments can get tied up in Legal Consent, Adtec processing, Privacy and a long list of other specialist legal and compliance tasks.  Obviously its impossible for compliance experts to be also expected to traverse the width of the many (some very complex – encryption) technologies challenges GDPR also throws at you to.  That’s where we can help or point you in the right direction.

Our portfolio and supporting expertise could solve some issues for you out of the box.  Or you could bring us in as SME’s to advise of certain parts of your project that you need support with, as little or as much to suit the situation. 

  • If you work with for a big organisation one of our solutions might solve that tricky problem
  • If you specialise in working with SMB’s and have many clients, we may have a broader style engagement around using our accelerators and our rapid deployment methods

Two way street

Many end users contact us for point solutions and its quickly clear they don’t understand the the bigger compliance picture and haven’t yet taken proper advice from a qualified practitioners who can put things into context for them and their specific project. We’d love a list of trusted partners around the UK that we can point them at!

  • Register with us and we will promote you, when the times right
  • Learn about our solutions and increase your capabilities and revenue opportunities

Our partnering approach

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Let you focus

Spend more time on compliance activities rather than IT stuff if its not your bag!

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Marketing and Events

Providing awareness about GDPR is key to getting organisations on board. We can run Webinars, breakfast briefings, workshops etc if you manage the marketing and logistics.

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Next-Gen Managed Service

A new generation of IT managed services is needed to support data lifecycle management we can guide you through the options.

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Pre-Sales Support

We will support you as needed and are available for qualified client sessions in person or virtually.


New Revenues

Partner discounts are available across all our solutions and services, allowing you to scale safely and profitably.

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