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Visual, Compliant, Transparent and Productive

Managing privacy without knowing your data is like creating financial statements without bookkeeping.

With PrivacyAnt software you understand how personal data is actually being processed in your organisation.

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visually track your data and manage compliance

Visually understand the full lifecycle of your personal data across IT systems, businesses and countries

Instant understanding

Manage complex visualized privacy projects without losing the big picture

Compliance image
Compliance image

Quickly see risks and engage to mitigate them

Once the compliance team has identified risks, we make it easy to engage with the organisation to close the gaps. 

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All in One App

Although there are a lot of moving parts to compliance, we give your entire team a coherent picture of where you are and what to focus on. 

  • Visual data-flow maps
  • Privacy Assessments
  • Vendor Management
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Staff training
  • Gap Analysis, questions and controls

We've got it covered

Each area of the compliance is covered by a complete management module and each feeds into a centralised dashboard to keep your whole team in sync.

Powerful reporting

Maintain up-to-date documentation and demonstrate compliance with automated reporting

Lots of happy users

Very affordable


Starting from
190 Monthly
  • 1-200 staff
  • Complete platform
  • Onboarding - £1000.00


Starting from
1050 Monthly
  • 201-1000 staff
  • Complete platform
  • Onboarding - £1500.00


Talk to us
Ask Monthly
  • 1000+
  • Complete platform
  • Onboarding - £2000.00
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