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Our Compliance Lifecycle Solutions

Tools for making compliance measurable, manageable and cost-efficient

Complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations impacts business operations, IT operations, customer and vendor relations, staff tasking and training, and organisational priorities. The first great challenge is simply sorting out where you are and where you need to go. The second challenge is staying on course—building compliance into day-to-day operations in order to stay compliant whilst minimising cost and complexity—what we call compliant working. Our compliance lifecycle solutions are designed to help you with both challenges: highly-automated tools to discover, assess, prioritise, and manage day-to-day operational compliance.

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Fast, visual & loved by users

Comprehensive platform, SaaS quick to deploy, priced for every segment.

Stunning visuals enhance user adoption

Modern SaaS solution, best of class process designer, simlpe administration & powerful reporting.
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Integrated Office 365 Solution

Sophisticated solution, full lifecycle management plus deep integration to Microsoft compliance framework

Microsoft compliance mastery

Unique blend of a powerful privacy platform that fully integrated in the worlds most compliant working cloud.
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