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Put a leash on your data!

We explain how HOPZERO a new kind of network security works! 

HOPZERO limits data travel to prevent hackers from accessing machines or retrieving data. It doesn’t try to keep bad guys pretending to be good guys out; that’s nearly impossible. 

Instead HOPZERO blocks data exfiltration and untrustworthy connection request.

How to catch a phish

The biggest security threats are sometimes those in your own organization.

In this video we discuss not just how to prevent sensitive data exfiltration from phishing attacks but outline strategies your organization can use to catch and kill phish entirely.

  • Keep your data safe, even if your firewall is compromised
  • Set a silent phish alarm to alert of a phishing attack
  • Identify phish machines and nullfiy — not just detect — the phish

What Are Hops and Why Do They Matter?

When data travels over the Internet it “hops” through routers, firewalls, and other devices. The default setting is up to 128 hops—but only takes about 40 hops to connect anywhere in the world.

HopZero establishes an adjustable HOPsphere Security Radius around your machines. It limits hops so data that’s supposed to stay in can’t get out, and it examines connection request to see if they are coming from trusted location. Data that isn’t supposed to leave your network can’t because it runs out of hops. Connection requests from someone or from somewhere you don’t do business can’t connect.  Foiled attempts to exfiltrate your data or establish an untrustworthy connection are reported immediately.

HopZero is

  • Identifies where your data is going
  • Places a radius on how far data can travel
  • Enforces containment for all data
  • Hackers can’t get a session
  • Alerts when data attempts to leave the radius
  • Fast efficient implementation services
  • Priced for small business to enterprise
  • Completely new unique technology

About HopZero

The Problem – Despite 30 years of continuously evolving firewall and security products, data compromise is epidemic. First, firewalls were deployed. When that was insufficient, they were followed by Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that revealed harmful digital signatures sneaking through the firewall, followed by Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that quarantined those signatures, followed by Antivirus, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Despite these improvements, devastating cyber exploits occur every day.

The pain – Current methods have resulted in higher costs and complexity without providing absolute protection from cyber attacks. The industry estimates that cybersecurity will soon eclipse IT spending by a factor of four. Government and private industry need an effective solution. The exposure to litigation and penalties for loss of data is staggering. The world cannot afford to allow these breaches to continue.

Our solution – Instead of trying to keep the bad actors out, HOPZERO keeps important data in, drawing a line where data is discarded before it can exit a perimeter — a radical paradigm shift. HOPZERO provides security at the TCP/IP network layer, taking advantage of protocol rules to limit how far data packets can travel, ensuring sensitive data is protected when all other security measures fail.

Who can we help – HOPZERO software is industry- and technology-agnostic and complements existing security products. HOPsphere Radius Security is sold to commercial and public-sector customers (including national defense agencies) who need to secure their networks against data breaches. HOPZERO is seeking distribution partnerships for the Internet of Things (IoT) business and consumer markets.

What is HOPZERO – It’s a Enterprise-focused internet security company, based in Austin, Texas, founded by technical and business leaders with decades of relevant experience.

What we do – HOPZERO’s revolutionary approach to information security precludes risk by limiting the movement of data. This offers application and network protection in a simple, elegant manner. Endpoint security implemented without requiring agents.

Current technology failing – Breach levels show that using Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Identity and Access Management (IAM), combination are failing.

By combining HOPZERO as a complementary HOPsphere Radius Security, organizations can get the best of both worlds. Most importantly, HOPZERO allows enterprises to be proactive and take direct action against attackers quickly and effectively.

How we’re different – HOPZERO protects critical systems from the inside of the network, limiting their communication with approved neighbors. Unique neighborhood or network hop scopes provide a mapped protect zone. Traffic sensors profile and monitor norms and respond to keep any unauthorized users away from protected information. Going beyond IDS and IPS alerts that spot an attack; HOPZERO hides the server from attackers, whilst alerting security in detail about the attack.

Some great feedback

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.”
Dr. Harry Saal
Former Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Founder Network General, and Creator of the Sniffer Network Analyzer
“I do love the simplicity of this solution and its effectiveness.”
Kenneth Camp
Technology Consultant

INCREDIBLE VALUE with a simple licensing model and high ROI

Are approach makes our solution very easy to implement, its SaaS based model also makes it scalable to meet any needs big or small.  

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