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Simplifying Privacy

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PrivacyAnt is a next generation platform designed to simplify, accelerate and operationalise data protection and data lifecycle management. 

PrivacyAnt Software is a privacy compliance platform that integrates data mapping and compliance assessments. Employees collaborate across an organisation to produce and maintain documentation that is visualized in data-flow maps, and processing activities. The software triggers assessment questions at IT-systems, vendors, processing activities, and other entities based on conditions that can be configured. This enables privacy teams to plan and implement privacy policies across business units. Found risks and gaps are assigned as tasks for employees to correct. Business units can also run preliminary assessments for new projects.

Developed in Finland as GDPR compliance was initially introduced, it was agreed that PrivacyAnt must support and appeal to all users not just compliance teams.  Business process management needs to be engaged with and owned at all levels so PrivacyAnt is quick to pick up and use be everyone. 

Collaborative Compliance Lifecycle Management

PrivacyAnt is designed to be used by everyone not just data protection experts. This approach helps organisations adopt and manage the pressures of increasingly complex compliant working practises. 

Capturing and communicating a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s personal data processing activities is complicated . PrivacyAnt Software solves this problem with flexible and understandable collaborative compliance workflows. That simplifies and empowers the employees in business units, IT department and vendors to produce the necessary information then easily collaborate to centralise this to form organisational level documentation.

Dispersed process groups can provide the detail of what data is processed, in which systems,  on what basis for categories of data subjects. What makes PrivacyAnt Software standout from other platforms are the beautifully visualised data-flow maps that are easy to create and understand by everyone Across sector Customer feedback confirms that this visualisation increased understandability of personal data processing. Allowing people to see at a glance how personal data flows across systems and organisation.

What makes PrivacyAnt Software even more powerful is its increasing use of embedded best practise automation (developed by our compliance specialists) that optimises processes to truly operationalise compliance.

Powerful dashboards and reports  will allow you to find the risks, prioritise your activities to efficiently  lifecycle manage your compliance landscape. 


Components and features

  • State-of-the-art privacy management
  • Process Mapper
  • Staff Training
  • Privacy Assessments
  • Vendor Management
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Available to all staff and other stakeholders
  • Pricing to suit all sizes of organisation
  • Deployed in minutes
  • Configured to your use in hours
  • Fast track training
  • Online support

Small Business

1-200 employees
  • Implementation Quick-start £2500


201-1000 employees
  • Implementation Quick-start £3500


1000+ employees
Custom Talk to use
  • Implementation Quick-start £3500
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