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Powerful, Simple-to-use Information Classification and Governance

Infoboss is a scalable small business to enterprise-class information governance and management platform based on Elastic Stack search-engine technology. Infoboss automatically scans structured and unstructured data in any number of data stores, automatically classifies it, and presents it in a powerful, but simple-to use management interface.


  • Automated data classification
  • Powerful but simple-to-use interface
  • Makes acting on Data Subject Access Requests quick and easy
  • Makes auditing simple
  • Classifies data with regular expressions and custom rules
  • Deployable on-premise, private cloud or SaaS
  • Scalable to billions of records and document

Compliance, Classification and Audit - Understanding your content

Compliance requires that you to know the “who, what, where, and why” characteristics of all the information you hold. It also requires that you know who has access and why. With today’s common problem of multiple information types, stores, and locations, this can be exceedingly difficult to manage.


  • Where personal and sensitive information is stored
  • How information is protected
  • Who has access to information
  • Information retention policies—or the lack thereof
  • Highlights data processing consent to your policies
  • Compliance and non-compliance with data subject right
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Tools to Help Your People Succeed

Efficient, cost effective compliance with new regulations has spawned the need for more people with specialised data management skills—but are there enough skilled people out there? If you can find them, can you afford them?

Infoboss not only offers powerful ways to discover, classify, manage, and report on data, it’s also simple enough for most people to use, democratising what used to be the domain of data specialists.

Infoboss’s automated discovery, classification, management and reporting eliminates countless hours of work, greatly simplifying activities like data subject access requests and audits.

Data Quality Management

Poor data quality destroys business value. Recent Gartner research has found that, larger organisations typically attribute $15 million per year in losses to poor data quality. This is likely to worsen as information environments grow in complexity and volume regardless of the size of the organisations involved.

Infoboss enables you to quickly automate processes for: 

  • Identifying poor quality data
  • Setting real-time alerts for suspect data transactions
  • Suggesting and validating data corrections
  • Tracking your data quality KPIs
  • Nurturing a Sustainable Data Quality Culture
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Infoboss and Azure - Better Together

Infoboss is a great solution to cleanse, structure and organise your data and content prior to migrating all or some of it to the cloud. 

Infoboss can be used to pre-condition your content ready for Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection (AIP) Service  to take over as its migrated. 

Optimising Data Migrations:

  • De-skill and quickly find and organise your content
  • Optimise your migration approach 
  • Migrate with confidence
  • Content adopts policies and controls as it arrives
  • You have operationalised lifecycle control!

Quick-start, Consulting and Support Services

We offer a full suite of training, consulting, support and managed services to help you maximise your results with Infoboss. Whether you’re new to data management technology or a professional keen to take advantage of modern tools to jump your organisation to the next level, we have services to help you on your way.


  • Platform implementation
  • Consulting and training
  • Package Audit Services
  • Support with SLA’s
  • Packaged services 
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Very affordable


Starting from
£ 1000
  • Massive feature set
  • Minimum 1TB index = 8-10TB Approx live data
  • Core quick-start typically £6500
  • Simply based on data volumes
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