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Microsoft’s cloud  and Office 365 is the perfect answer to a lot of compliance, productivity and IT modernisation challenges for organisations of all types and sizes. Microsoft’s move towards application services offers great opportunity, but also a raft of new challenges for traditional Microsoft channel partners.  

  • How are you managing efficient ongoing compliance? 
  • How do you skill up?
  • How do you advise on compliance, productivity and collaboration?
  • How do you embrace new cloud functionality to extend your current managed service capability?
  • How will GDPR affect the IT service contracts you already have?
  • How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • How do you drive incremental profitable revenues?

GDPR is going to IMPACT EVERY IT SERVICE PROVIDER both from a client and supplier perspective and we can help you to respond to these threats and opportunities. As subject matter experts focusing on the Office 365 application services, we will help you extend your capabilities the easy way, we will simplify your own compliance journey and in parallel extend and enhance your capabilities to deliver new compliant working solutions to your clients. 

We wish to partner with forward-thinking regional resellers who want to quickly but safely extend your capabilities in this area.  The market for Office 365 and Azure application and data management services and solutions is going to increase and we can help you embrace this opportunity.

Our partnering approach

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Helping YOU work with GDPR

It's business critical that your organisation becomes GDPR compliant quickly, given your positioning as an IT solutions business. We discount our services and solutions for approved partners. The process we run you through will not only speed up your own compliance but also get your sales, technical and support teams involved and educated so they can better aide your clients.

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Marketing and Events

Providing awareness about GDPR is key to getting organisations on board. We can run Webinars, breakfast briefings, workshops etc if you manage the marketing and logistics.

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Next-Gen Managed Service

A new generation of IT managed services needs to be developed to deal with new cloud/hybrid models, we can show you how to benefit from this opportunity.

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Presales Support

We will support internal awareness sessions for your sales teams. We will also be available for qualified client sessions in person or virtual.


New Revenues

Partner discounts are available across all our solutions and services. With regard to the services layer our goal is to quickly get you up to speed with our approach and tooling, so you provide the bulk of the services yourselves. This blended partnership allows us both to scale safely and profitably.

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