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Encryption Solutions for All Your Needs

GDPR and every other privacy regulation cite encryption as the surest way of avoiding expensive reputation-damaging reportable data breaches. Most organisations hold personal data in two places: general purpose productivity software such as Microsoft Office and special purpose applications built by in-house software developers or purchased from third parties. Office 365 enables encryption everywhere, all the time. Absio provides software developers with inexpensive and easy to implement software development kits (SDKs) for every application architecture, on any device and in multiple languages. Each SDK enables applications to encrypt data from the moment its created until it is deleted—everywhere, all the time.  

Why should you pay for software that puts you at risk? Use our free comprehensive Encryption for GDPR Guide and Gap Analysis Tool to determine what works best for you – here.

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Application-Level Encryption

Easily implement data and connection encryption, and cryptographic authentication, with a few lines of code.

Cross-Platform Solutions for all Devices Types

SDKs for C#, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, Android and Swift.
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Integrated Office 365 Solution

Sophisticated solution, full lifecycle management plus deep integration to Microsoft compliance framework

Microsoft compliance mastery

Unique blend of a powerful privacy platform that fully integrated in the worlds most compliant working cloud.
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