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BPA Quality & Risk Management

BPA Quality & Risk Management Built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint


Quality and Risk Managers spend time on cumbersome, costly, paper-based systems and often work with siloed departments. The result of using these outdated technologies is an inefficient quality system and poor engagement of collaborators.

With BPA Quality and Risk Management, you can take a templatised quality approach and immediately begin improving the quality of your offerings with just a few clicks, keeping your focus where it belongs: on your business.

BPA Quality & Risk Management helps you reimagine your approach to quality assurance and risk mitigation. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that installs in minutes and has everything needed to begin improving quality, reducing risk and saving time. With built-in collaboration tools, you can ensure company-wide alignment to continuous improvement and a preventive mindset.

BPA Quality and Risk Management is built on the leading Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies, delivering a superior user experience and integration with Microsoft tools.

Core components

The software is an all-in-one solution which includes all modules below in one single template:

  • Stakeholders & collaborators
  • Activities, tasks, calendar, emails
  • Process map & processes
  • Organisation & responsibilities
  • Context of the organisation
  • Objectives & KPIs
  • Non-conformity
  • Corrective actions
  • Management reviews
  • Training & competencies
  • Risks & controls
  • Quality documents
  • Good practices
  • Equipment & calibration

Example Screenshots

Components and features

  • Built on Office 365 leveraging all its powerful features and secure working capabilities.
  • Process Automation - Integrated with MS Flow
  • Covers all main Quality and Risk process controls
  • If required, comes complete with content packs of required documents and policy templates
  • Change Management
  • Context of the Organisation
  • Document Management
  • Risk and controls management
  • Supply chain management
  • Leadership, Skills Development, Knowledge Management
  • Incident Management and Change Management
  • Simple to add your own compliance and controls framework
  • Fully ISO9001:2015 compliant and ISO27001 & 14000 ready

Office 365

Full Licence
$ 39
  • Minimum £250 Per Month combined licenses - Annual Payment
  • Implementation Quick-start £2500

Office 365

$ 9
  • Minimum £250 Per Month combined licenses - Annual Payment
  • Implementation Quick-start £2500


Server Licences from
$ 3000 Perpetual + S&M
  • Unlimited users
  • Implementation Quick-start £2500
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