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Compliant Business Solutions & privacy by design

Privacy by Design is a principle based on putting data protection and privacy at the foundations of any new business process or system created rather than layering them on as a later consideration. Although not mandated by data regulations, it is strongly advised in order to help ensure compliance throughout your organisation.

So when you approach a major change its sensible to consider this approach. Common examples of projects that will require particular attention to the privacy and protection of data include:

  • Building/choosing a new IT system that has access to any personal data (i.e. CRM, marketing automation etc.).
  • Migration of any personal data to a different system.
  • Creating any new procedures that affects personal data (i.e. employee access rights, password policies).

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Easier to create a data privacy friendly culture in your organisation.
  • If your projects have it at their core, your employees will more likely consider it a core issue.
  • Reduce the risk of any data issues arising such as a large scale data breach. Not only does this severely damage trust with the public, but will likely result in punishments under GDPR.
  • Identify any potential issues with your strategy earlier on in the process, likely reducing the time and effort it will cost to rectify it.

Our of the shelf solutions

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Onestop Marketing and CRM

Integrated marketing, sales and service software for growing companies. Manage your business and customers with our simple, powerful and unified platform for all your Marketing, Sales & Service needs.

Integrated Functionality & Compliance

Having investigated the advanced data and content management capabilities of the Office 365 platform we realised we could integrate into this rather than store the data in our own systems. So you can have our powerful functionality and ease of use with Office 365 providing a consistent compliance platform for all your content and data.
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BPA Solutions on Microsoft Office 365

Our solutions powered by Office 365 deliver best of breed functionality to the Quality, CRM and Compliance market places. Uniquely because our solutions are hosted in your own Office 365 environment, we simplify and streamlines your data and content compliance responsibilities too.

Compliant Office 365 APP's

The result: tools you need, the functionality you require, and the interface you want—without the development headaches. BPA’s solutions run on the most advanced Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies
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