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GDPR Encryption Deep-dive Presentation

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Part 3-Encryption for GDPR Compliance

A deep dive into GDPR Encryption for everyone.

This presentation is intended to compliment Parts 1 and 2 to cement your understanding about how encryption can aide your  GDPR Compliance program.  Implemented correctly encryption can be the building block of a privacy by design approach or a security get out of jail card. 

Who is this guide for? 

  • Controllers and /or processors who have assessed the risk posed to their data subjects by a breach of their personal data and have determined that data should be secured with encryption
  • Processing solution vendors currently offering or planning to implement encryption to satisfy customer demand for GDPR-compliant solutions
  • Others, such as consultants, insurers, or regulators, in need of a comprehensive GDPR-specific gap analysis/audit tool to assess current or proposed encryption solutions intended to enable compliance with the GDPR

This guide is written in a plain-language/least-technical manner; expertise in encryption or the GDPR is not required. 

What is this guide series for? 

  • To enable readers to conduct gap analyses and/or compliance audits on current or proposed encryption solutions whose purpose is to enable compliance with the GDPR
  • To develop a comprehensive set of encryption-related technical requirements for current or proposed data processing operations

This guide is suitable for any type of software platform, application architecture, data type, device type, processing method, or scale of operation. 

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