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Operationalising Compliance

Making compliance measurable, manageable and efficient

Making compliance measurable, manageable and efficient

As data compliance and cloud computing experts we have have developed and curated a  range of solutions that simplify the complexity of the ever-increasing demands of compliance. We provide  solutions, platform advice, tools, content and services that will quickly help you operationalise compliance lifecycle management, saving you time, money and hassle. 

GDPR is the first of many data/content compliance initiatives that will change the face of commerce forever already following in its footsteps are PECR, and from the US, CCPA.  GDPR’s complexity is driving the market to rethink and develop new ways to meet their challenges.  Working with leaders in their respective fields, we have built a portfolio solutions for End UsersMicrosoft Partners and Compliance Specialists that includes:

Scalable Consent and Cookie Management

Do you provide granular consent capabilities to users and evidence proper control?

Consent Management

Managing consent is complex but it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.
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Compliance Lifecycle Management

Can you quickly produce a complete picture of your GDPR compliance program?

Operationalising Compliance

Compliance is growing more complex but cloud-enabled compliant working can help you build compliance into everyday work.
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Ubiquitous Encryption

Encryption is the surest way to protect your organization and your data subjects. Easily encrypt your data—everywhere, all the time.

No More Data Breaches

Protect Everyone. Encrypt data in Office 365 and the special-purpose apps you buy or build. We can show you how.
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GDPR Compliant Business Solutions

We have a portfolio of App's that use Microsoft's compliant cloud framework to ensure maximum compliance with least effort.

Ready to use APP's

We have carefully curated or co-developed compliant APP's for Online Marketing, CRM, Project Management and more.
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No-Code application Builder

BPA App-Builder has over 30 modular widgets allowing you to quickly build native Office 365 business solutions.

Need a custom APP fast?

Are your excel solutions staggering? Do you need to replace none-compliant legacy solutions. Now you can now build them in days.
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Office 365 compliance & productivity services

We will quickly get your Microsoft cloud environment working for you blending compliance, productivity with maximum value.

Consulting & managed services

We'll show you how to maximise your cloud investment. We can then help make it happen with a range of services including consultancy and training to managed services.
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Four Steps to Simpler Compliance

1. Carefully Choose Your Tools

As Compliance and IT experts, we scoured the market to find solutions that simplify compliance, reduce cost, and provide high-quality customer support.

Best-of-Breed software

Check out our Solutions menu to learn more about our compliance lifecycle management, consent management, data security, data protection solutions and more.

2. Don't Start from Scratch

Compliance relies on a mass of support content including-policies, processes, procedures and controls, plus training to implement things effectively - we've got this covered for you.

What You Need When You Need It

Select the content appropriate for your organisation and on demand video training whenever and wherever you need it.
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3. Leverage Microsoft’s GDPR-Compliant Infrastructure

Make full use of Microsoft-enabled GDPR-compliant Office 365 email and productivity apps, SharePoint apps, and Azure-hosted custom apps and secure data storage.

Keep Your Infrastructure Costs Low

Make full use of Microsoft’s comprehensive GDPR compliance management and reporting capabilities. We can show you how—or do it for you.
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4. Use Specialist Services to Fill Gaps

Adding headcount or overburdening already busy staff is not a compliance requirement. Our quick start and managed services can help.

Services as You Need Them

Using our tools and methods our expert team can quickly transform your compliance position with services that include tool implementation, Microsoft cloud configuration and management, content and migration services and more.
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